Morro de São Paulo

A destination that must be visited for many reasons and this increases the chances of being unforgettable.

About Morro sp

To enter the world of Morro de São Paulo, the visitor will come across much more than exuberant nature: pathways that tell the history of Brazil, curios at every turn, gastronomy give water in the mouth, the brave expects the adventures and finally essence of the Brazilianness in each color, flavor and aroma.

The crossing that goes from Soteropolitano Mercado Modelo to Morro de São Paulo, through the Bay of All Saints is done in a comfortable catamaran, which in 2 hours path, allows the visitor to enjoy a great view of downtown, the elevator Lacerda and all other rich details that remind us that here was born the first capital of our nation.


As a painting

The growing closeness of the island will reveal all its splendor. To set foot on dry land, since it is perceived to be in one place: the bustle of cars is replaced by the friendliness of the handcart taxi drivers, who are always available to help take the slope luggage up with their warm and welcoming smiles .

The impact of seeing a majestic portal already shows us that the history of the place is rich and ancient. Soon after, about 100 meters we come to Church of Our Lady of Light where we can see the history of the island's discovery in 153. And so we, covering the street reaching the main square where we find historic buildings, shops, restaurants and many beautiful and proud to be sp Hill.


Taxi morro sp

Taxis transiting laden with bags, cross the island through streets and alleys that are invaded delicious smells good Bahian food mixed with constant breeze that brings the dominant sea air. Reaching the second, third and fourth beaches, our "drivers" take visitors at every step "set foot on paths of history" of a place that has the dominant nature.



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Curiosities about Morro de São Paulo

Folklore Morro de São Paulo

The drum and recos-recos invade the streets making shake the ground. Vibrant colors and corners delight passersby who were surprised by such vibration. This is the Morro de São Paulo, culture, colors, seas and beautiful people that is proud of its ancestries..

Baba the third Praia morro sp

"Baba" is just a game of football with friends - or what in other cities call "naked". In Bahia, playing ball is hit a baba.

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Parties em Morro sp

Night life

The nightlife in SP Morro starts as soon as sun goes down, with many point to enjoy the sunset. A true celebration of excitement and dazzle.

After the end of "nature show" the movement starts to happen, the various restaurants in the village. After midnight the luaus animated in the second beach, stir programming. The lodges offer pillows, mats and nets riding a film set accompanied by pleasant and elusive soundtrack, turning the sands in makeshift dance floor, just living the moment.

For the group of tourists night of Morro de Sao Paulo in the early hours, the visual changes walks with natural pools illuminated by the moon, is breathtaking.

The Carnival in Morro de São Paulo

Carnival in SP Morro has not abadás, blocks or boxes, but for those who seek tranquility and beautiful landscapes of beautiful beaches, the option could not be better.

The carnival revelers can also have the option carnival of Morro de São Paulo, because there is always a party going on somewhere on the island. The carnival at Rua da Gamboa of Morro de São Paulo is the busier of the Tinharé archipelago.

The small village inhabited mostly by native turns to welcome tourists who are staying in hotels and Morro de São Paulo hostels. Every day of the Carnival, an electric trio animates the revelers on the main street of the village.

Reveillon Morro de São Paulo

The Morro de São Paulo New Year's Eve is the busiest year period. The island of Tinharé receives the highest number of tourists during the year.

The New Year's Eve in SP Morro, is celebrated mainly in the Second Beach with many fireworks and caipifrutas stalls and give a touch to own more mystical night of the year.

The Morro de Sao Paulo hostels hire bands for the night of New Year's Eve at the turn of 2014 to 2015 the band Love Scent played on the island of Tinharé.
entrada morro sp

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Historic points Morro de São Paulo

Ruins of the Fortaleza do Tapirandu

Morro de São Paulo, famous for his ballads and streets leading down to the sunrise, it is also a destination that has everything to do with history. One of the must-see sights are the ruins of Tapirandu of Fortaleza.

The fort is a major historical attractions of Morro de São Paulo was built in 1630 in order to protect the entrance to the Canal de Itaparica to the Forte de Santo Antonio, now known as the Lighthouse of Morro de São Paulo. Protected by the National Heritage, the hill fort of São Paulo still retains to this day 678 m its walls and ruins of the original building.

Church Nossa Senhora da Luz

For tourists who go up the hill from the pier, the Church of Our Lady of Light is a point of rest and contemplation. Completed in 1845, keeps relics of the 17th and 18th centuries, as religious images and cedar altars in baroque style.


Street do Receptivo, S/N

Between 2nd and 3rd beach - Morro de São Paulo / Bahia 

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