How to Get - Morro de São Paulo

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By Air - charter private flights

Direct flight from Salvador airport has an 25 minute duration . For your convenience, the reservation can be done us via email.

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Catamaran Motor Boat

Definitively the best cost benefit to get to Morro is this two and a half hours trip on a High Seep Cat that can take up to 100 passengers. This trip may cause some sick motion to people that are more sensitive to it and we suggest to take some preventive medicine if the case (during the whale season there is o good chance to say hello during this transfer).

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Land and Sea Transfer

We will pick you up at the airport or hotel in Salvador with a small bus and transfer you to the harbor where you will catch a ferry or private boat to the neighbor island Itaparica. Once there again you will get a mini-bus and drive to the end of this island (about 1,5 hours) to the south harbor to catch another speed boat for your final approach to Morro (expect up to 3,5 hours if you decide for this option). Approx. on average 4 hours trip. Information through our email.
Via Valença morro de sao paulo bahia inn

Via Valencia

Reaching Salvador, going to the San Joaquin Terminal (Ferry boat) to cross to Good Order in Itaparica Island (about 50 minutes), take a taxi, van or bus to Valencia (100 km) and perform speedboat crossing (approx. 50 min) or conventional boat (approx. 01h30minh) to the Morro de São Paulo.


Those coming from the south or north must leave the BR 101 and enter the Valencia Junction, BA 542 (one way). The options to reach Morro are: via Atracadouro Bom Jardim (outside the city) or the Valencia Waterway Terminal. One can embark on boats or conventional boats and leave the car in a garage for the duration of your stay.


In periods of high season due to the flow of people waiting time is greater so we strongly recommend that you should grant your transfer well before your arrival.


Street do Receptivo, S/N

Between 2nd and 3rd beach - Morro de São Paulo / Bahia 

Tel: (75)3652.1362 | (75) 9.9920.1118

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